Here is my moderately ridiculous race schedule:
January: Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend 5k Orlando, FL (5k) ✔
January: Walt Disney World Marathon Orlando, FL (26.2mi)
February: Disney Princess Half Marathon Orlando, FL (13.1mi) ✔
March: Rock’n’Roll DC Washington, DC (13.1mi) ✔
April: Towpath Half Marathon Cleveland, OH (13.1mi) ✔
April: Boston Trail Half Boston, PA (13.1mi) ✔
May: Pittsburgh Marathon Half Marathon Pittsburgh, PA (13.1mi) ✔
May: Cleveland Marathon Cleveland, OH (26.2mi)
July: Brentwood Firecracker 5k Brentwood, PA (5k) ✔
August: Run for Joy Pittsburgh, PA (3.4mi) ✔
September: Stride for Pride Pittsburgh, PA (5k) ✔
September: River Run Cleveland, OH (13.1 mi) ✔
September: Musicians of Steel Pittsburgh, PA (5k) ✔
September: The Great Race Pittsburgh, PA (10k) ✔
October: Mario Lemeiux 6.6k Pittsburgh, PA (6.6k) ✔
November: Avengers Half Marathon Anaheim, CA (13.1mi) ✔

States: Florida, DC, Pennsylvania, Ohio, California

January 10: Frigid 5 Miler North Park, PA (5mi) ✔
April: Cleveland 10 Miler Cleveland, OH (10mi) ✔
May 1: Pittsburgh Marathon Half Marathon Pittsburgh, PA (13.1mi) ✔
June : Peace, Love, Run Pittsburgh, PA (13.1mi)
June: Greenfield Glide 5k Pittsburgh, PA (3.1mi) ✔
July: Rock’n’Roll Chicago Chicago, IL (13.1mi)
Aug : Ben Moore Half, Annapolis, MD (13.1mi) ✔
Aug: Ragnar Trail West Virginia
Sept: River Run Half Marathon Rocky River, OH (13.1mi) ✔
Sept: The Great Race Pittsburgh, PA (6.2mi) ✔
Oct: Northern Ohio Half Marthon Mentor, OH (13.1mi) ✔
Oct: Penguins 6.6k Pittsburgh, PA (6.6k?) ✔
Nov: EQT Ten Miler Pittsburgh, PA (10mi) ✔

States: Pennsylvania, Maryland

March 14: Rock’n’Roll USA Washington, DC (13.1mi)✔
April 10/11: Ragnar SoCal Huntington Beach, CA to San Diego, CA✔
April 18: Pirates 5k Pittsburgh, PA (3.1mi)✔ **
May 2: Pittsburgh Marathon 5k Pittsburgh, PA (3.1mi)✔
May 3: Pittsburgh Marathon Half Marathon Pittsburgh, PA (13.1mi)✔ **
May 3: Pittsburgh Marathon Relay Pittsburgh, PA✔
May 17: Cleveland Marathon Half Marathon Cleveland, OH (13.1mi)✔
June 7: Greenfield Glide 5k Pittsburgh, PA (3.1mi)✔**
June 12: Riverview 5k Pittsburgh, PA (3.1mi) ** DNS (thanks Migraine)
July 11: Old Port Half Marathon Portland, ME (13.1)✔
July 19: Presque Isle Half Marathon Erie, PA (13.1mi)✔
July 31: Liberty Mile Pittsburgh, PA (1mi) **✔
August 8: Brookline Breeze Pittsburgh, PA (3.1mi) **✔
August 22: Run Around the Square Pittsburgh, PA (3.1mi) **✔
Sept 27: The Great Race Pittsburgh, PA (6.2mi) **✔
October 25: EQT Ten Miler Pittsburgh, PA (10mi) **✔
States: DC, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maine

February 2: Miami Marathon Half Marathon Miami, FL (13.1mi) ✔
February 8/9: Ragnar Florida Keys Miami to Key West, FL ✔
March 29: Just A Short Run Pittsburgh, PA (30k) (dropped out at 13.8) ✔
April 26/27: Ragnar Cape Cod Hull to Provincetown, MA ✔
May 3: Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon 5k Pittsburgh, PA (3.1mi) ✔
May 4: Dick’s Sporting Goods PITTSBURGH MARATHON Pittsburgh, PA (26.2mi) DNF
May 18: Cleveland Marathon Cleveland, OH (26.2mi)
June 29: Cedar Point Run and Ride Half Marathon Sandusky, OH (13.1mi)
June 29: Hell Hath No Hurry Pittsburgh, PA (6.2mi) ✔
July 19: Rock’n’Roll Chicago 5k Chicago, IL (3.1mi) ✔
July 20: Rock’n’Roll Chicago Chicago, IL (13.1mi) ✔
August 1: Liberty Mile Pittsburgh, PA (1mi) ✔
August 17: Yinzer 5k Pittsburgh, PA (3.1mi) ✔
August 22/23: Hood To Coast Relay Mt Hood to Seaside, OR ✔
September 20: Boston Harvest Half Marathon Boston, PA (13.1) ✔
September 27: Akron Marathon Half Marathon Akron, OH (13.1mi)
September 28: The Great Race Pittsburgh, PA (6.2mi) ✔
October 4: Disney Tower of Terror 10 Miler Orlando, FL (10mi) ✔
October 11: Rock’n’Roll Cleveland Cleveland, OH (13.1mi) EVENT CANCELLED
November 2: Marshall University Half Marathon Huntington, WV (13.1mi) ✔
November 8: Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon Orlando, FL (13.1mi) ✔
November 16: Rock’n’Roll Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV (13.1mi)

States: Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, West Virginia

January 4/5: Ragnar Florida Keys Miami to Key West✔
January 20: Rock’n’Roll Arizona Phoenix, AZ (13.1mi)✔
February 10: Rock n Roll St Pete St Petersburg, FL (13.1mi)✔
March 16: Rock’n’Roll USA Washington DC (13.1mi)✔
March 17: Caesar Rodney Half Marathon Wilmington, DE (13.1mi)✔
March 23: World Race for Hope 5k Columbus, OH (3.1mi)✔
April 27: Rock’n’Roll Nashville Nashville, TN (13.1mi)✔
May 5: Pittsburgh Marathon Pittsburgh, PA (13.1mi)✔
May 19: Rock n Roll Portland Portland, OR (13.1mi)
May 25: Dirty Bird 15k Wooster, OH (15k) ✔
May 26: Alexandria Running Festival Alexandria, VA (13.1mi)
June 22: Rock n Roll Seattle Seattle, WA (13.1mi)
July 21: Rock n Roll Chicago Chicago,IL (13.1mi)

September 28: Zooma Cape Code Cape Cod, MA (13.1mi)✔
September 29: Rock n Roll Providence Providence, RI (13.1mi)✔
October 5: Rock n Roll Cleveland Cleveland, OH (13.1mi)✔
October 20: Rock n Roll Denver Denver, CO (13.1mi)
November 8/9: Ragnar Las Vegas
November 17: Rock’n’Roll Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV (13.1mi)
November 21: Penton Memorial 10k Elyria, OH

All of the races I didn’t get to run 2013 are a result of starting a new job. Bummed, but okay.

I’ve signed up for Rock n Roll Tour Pass.
I’d like to hit at LEAST ten of these races. I got to six.

States: Arizona, Florida, DC, Delaware, Tennessee, Pennsylvania,Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Ohio

February 12: Dirty Love 10k ✔
March 4: Rock n Roll New Orleans (13.1mi) ✔ **PR**
March 11: Sarasota Half ✔
March 25: Rock CF Rivers Half Marathon Relay ✔
April 15: runCbus 10 miler ✔
April 28: Run for Shelter 10k (Alexandria,VA) ✔
May 5: Indianapolis Mini-Marathon ✔
May 6: Cincinnati Flying Pig (13.1mi) ✔
May 13: Jesse is Awesome Half Marathon (Little Rock, AR) ✔
May 26: Eagle Run (5 mi)
June 1: Warrior Dash✔
June 8/9: Ragnar Chicago✔
June 21: Muddy Buddy Chicago✔
July 22: Rock n Roll Chicago (13.1mi)✔
July 28: Big Ten Network 10k✔
August 26: Lady Speed Stick Women’s Half (Bloomington, MN)✔
October 7: Bank of America CHICAGO MARATHON✔✔✔✔
October 21: Columbus Half Marathon (don’t want to freaking talk about it). (Half) ✔
October 27: Fright Night 3 Miler✔
November 5: Tyranena Beer Run (13.1mi)✔
November 22: Penton Memorial 10k ✔

States: Louisiana, Florida, Indiana, Ohio, Arkansas, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin

January 8: Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend (13.1mi) ✔
April: Perfect Ten (10 mi) ✔
May 15: Cleveland Marathon (13.1mi) ✔
June: Ragnar Chicago (Legs 4,10,16,28) ✔
July 4: Bay Days 5 Miler Bay Village, OH (5mi) ✔
August 14: Rock n Roll Chicago (13.1mi) ✔
September: Hocking Hills Indian Run (20k) ✔
September: EAS Ten Miler (10 mi) ✔
October 16: Columbus Marathon (13.1mi) ✔
October 23: Rock n Roll St Louis (13.1mi) ✔
November 24: Penton Memorial 10k ✔

States: Florida, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri

November 14: Buckeye Classic 10k


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