It’s Christmas break. I have a lot of free time.
Let’s write a blog.
I’m running a marathon in six days.
Actually, six days from now I’ll hopefully be stuffing my face and feeling a little drunk in Epcot. #bestlife

Training was a thing that happened.
I mean, it was all over the place, but I’ve run consistently, at least once, usually twice a week since July. And, even with that little bit of activity, I’m seeing big gains. Am I close to being able to get a new half marathon PR? Um, no. Absolutely not. Do I feel like there’s a very real possibility of a marathon PR this weekend… well… yeah. I do actually.

It’s worth mentioning this will only be my third marathon. My first one was a mess, I walked most of the last ten miles because I went out WAY too fast and crashed and burned hard, and my second marathon included no consistent training of any sort or kind.

But this has been nice. I’ve had some great virtual training buddies and even if we haven’t run together (because I have zero time management skills among other excuses) knowing that I could have people to run the marathon with if I keep my shit together has been incredibly motivating.

I didn’t get the long runs I wanted, but I didn’t get hurt. My hip started acting up on my 18 miler (my only run over 13, we’ll see how that works out for me) but I was able to finish the run and still maintained a pace of 12:09.
So like… we’ll see what happens.


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