I don’t write much, but I have so many feelings and I wanted to get them down.

The Lebrons.
In 2010 Lebron James went on ESPN to announce that he was abandoning the city that adored him, breaking the hearts of thousands as he ran off to Miami to play basketball with his friends. Apparently that worked and he won a couple championships blah blah whatever fuck that guy.

Eventually though, Baby Bron Bron decided to man up and come home so he could deliver on the promise he made to Cleveland. Deliver the first championship in more than 50 years.

I am in the minority in Cleveland. Most people were quick to forgive and forget. But, after failing to secure the championship last year, I continued to be bitter and angry.

::sigh:: But now I’m not sure how to feel.
He did it. They did it. It wasn’t just Lebron. It was the entire team. They won a championship and Cleveland is walking taller, looking brighter, and seems like a new place.

If you aren’t from Cleveland, let me tell you about it.
I was born and raised in greater Cleveland. For my entire life I’ve been told that our sports teams can’t hang. And thus our city can’t hang. Our river caught on fire. We can’t do anything right. We are eternal fuck ups. That’s just Cleveland. ::shrug::
And this mindset bleeds into your soul. I’m not trying to be dramatic, but honestly, it’s unreal. You start to think that because you’re from Cleveland the odds are against you. The world is against you.

But last week, everything changed.
The Cavs were set up for the standard Cleveland ending. Down 3-1 in the NBA Finals. Up against a team from California, a place where everything goes right.
But they won game 5. Then they won game 6. They forced a game 7. That alone was so not Cleveland.
Then, I still can’t believe it, they won. They. Won.

I talked a big angry game about “No, I’m not going home for a parade for the Cavs.” But that was before game 5. That was the the Cavs looked like the Cleveland I grew up in. By the end of game 6 all I could talk about was the parade. I knew it would happen. It had to happen.

And it did.
The Cavalier’s championship parade was the weirdest/scariest/happiest/best experience I’ve ever had in Cleveland. I still can’t think about the championship without my eyes stinging and I’m shocked that I didn’t cry during the parade.

I went to the parade with my brother, my husband, and his parents. We left home at 7am. We took the bus instead of waiting the 3-4 hours to take the train (Yeah. There was a 4 hour wait for the train at some stations). I’ve never seen so many people in one place. I’ve never seen Cleveland so happy.
The happiness was infectious. Bridges were closed to vehicles. Crowds were 5 or 6 deep hours before the parade started. If you haven’t seen pictures, google it.
The parade was delayed an hour as they tried to make enough room for the parade to go down the road.**

** This is because for some reason they decided not to put up barriers along the route, which would have avoided a lot of problems, but that’s neither here nor there.

I wrote this in June and never posted it.
I’m posting it now, with this minor commentary.
I didn’t edit it or add to it.
Cleveland is the city of Champions. It’s still real.


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