Do you ever have this problem?

I have found twice in the last week that I sound like an asshole.
And there’s nothing I can do about it.
I have a Ragnar sticker on my laptop. One of my TAs asked which Ragnar I ran.
A totally harmless question.
Except I sound like a tool when my answer is Chicago, Key West, Cape Cod, and So Cal. And that’s toned down because I ran Chicago and Key West twice and I’ve also done Hood to Coast. But like… a lot of people run one. And then when I rattle off four I sound like a boob.

Then today, someone asked if I’ve ever run a half marathon. I said yes. “Oh, which ones?” Uh… 28 of them. And 5 of those I’ve run more than once.
Like, when did I become this person?

I remember running my first Ragnar and meeting people who had run, what seemed at the time, like a million races. And I don’t know. I just lose track of the fact I guess I’ve become one of those people.


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