Monthly Archives: February 2016

Do you ever have this problem?

I have found twice in the last week that I sound like an asshole.
And there’s nothing I can do about it.
I have a Ragnar sticker on my laptop. One of my TAs asked which Ragnar I ran.
A totally harmless question.
Except I sound like a tool when my answer is Chicago, Key West, Cape Cod, and So Cal. And that’s toned down because I ran Chicago and Key West twice and I’ve also done Hood to Coast. But like… a lot of people run one. And then when I rattle off four I sound like a boob.

Then today, someone asked if I’ve ever run a half marathon. I said yes. “Oh, which ones?” Uh… 28 of them. And 5 of those I’ve run more than once.
Like, when did I become this person?

I remember running my first Ragnar and meeting people who had run, what seemed at the time, like a million races. And I don’t know. I just lose track of the fact I guess I’ve become one of those people.


Five Things Friday

1. School has really picked up in the last two weeks. Yesterday was my first Management Science exam. I have never in 17 years of schooling run out of time on an exam. Until yesterday. It was terrifying. I’m trying not to think about it.

2. I took a study break last night and ended up moving C and I from an oceanview room to a balcony on our upcoming cruise. For a cool $41. YES! Neither of us have ever been on a cruise. I’m pretty excited.

3. I think I’m getting really sick. I don’t quite understand how. I’ve been doing my best to get enough sleep and my eating hasn’t been too awful. I also haven’t been at derby. Derby is such a great place to get sick. You know, sweating and sneezing, and coughing, and drooling all over each other.

4. I don’t have to have five. This is my blog.

5. I’m really glad it’s Friday. This should be a nice weekend. Not too busy, but busy enough that I won’t be tempted to spend the whole weekend in my pajamas with the cats, not that that’s a bad way to spend a weekend.

I quit derby. But maybe not.

So, I quit derby. Kind of.
I decided that’s what I wanted to do.
Not at first, though.
My home team captain emailed me to check in because I’ve been MIA for a couple weeks.
I had planned to give her a quick “oh, haha yeah idk. lolz.”
But instead I started word vomiting. About how I’m not improving and it’s because I’m not coming to practice and I’m too far behind and I’ll never catch up. And I’m awful. And I still can’t skate let alone derby. and blah blah blah.
I thought I did a nice job taking responsibility for my position.

And I ended it in true awkward me fashion “so, like, do I just keep not coming to practice? How do I quit?”

Her response was not at all what I expected and now I’m all confused again.


In other news.
I have set a fitness goal.
I don’t do that.

but I did that.
I signed up for barre code’s unlimited month pass, for at least the next three months.

My goal is to attend at least 15 classes a month for the next three months.
So far on this third day of February, I’m at zero. HAH
Good start, self.

But, we’ll see how it goes.
I’ll keep you updated.
I really like these classes. I like how I feel during class. I like how I feel after class. And apparently I like exercising in a man-free environment. Who knew?!