Derby. 5 Things Friday

I know you’ve been on pins and needles waiting to hear how derby tryouts went and well, that’s going to be the focus of my five things Friday.

1. I did my laps. I got 27 laps in 5 minutes and it was harder than I remembered, but I was able to successfully do it.

2. I still can’t turn around toe stop. Like, I can pretend and do this weird half fake thing. But, the way I’ve gotten comfortable turning does not work well if you have any sort of speed and as a result, I can’t turn let alone stop unless I’m moving very slowly.

3. Because of this (I think because of this) I got an email saying not that I just failed to make team, but that I was ineligible to try out because I failed to meet WFTDA minimums.

4. Bad: Well, that’s frustrating right? I was told I’d get another email with more info in the following days. It’s been a week and so far nothing. Being ineligible for failure to meet minimums makes me wonder if I’m allowed to skate with the league at all, because that wording makes it sound like I shouldn’t. I haven’t asked for more info yet because regardless of the answer I’m freaking out a little.
Thursday night I finished tryouts and found out I didn’t make the team. Friday I had a meeting with my academic adviser. She told me that I need to quit derby because I don’t have time for extra curriculars with the classes I’m taking this semester. She promised that this will be my hardest semester and I should be fine to go back to more free time in the summer, but I should cut back for the spring.

5. Good: This result was not unexpected. I was just thrown off by the wording of the email. I was also thrown off by how I felt after. Initially I felt indifferent (I didn’t read anything past the “unfortunately it’s been decided” for about two hours). Then I felt angry. Mostly because skills testing was the first day. Why couldn’t they tell me then and there that I didn’t make it? They must have known at that point, right?


Back in October (after the cluster-fuck and waste of time that was my first bout on a home team), I told C that I was going to stick it out through home teams and when I failed to make a travel team, I’d move to reffing if I still wanted to be involved with the league.

So… I guess that’s still the plan?!
But there is definitely an if hanging over the want to be involved in the league.


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